Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wawa Turkey Gobbler Hoagie

Sub sandwiches are, without a doubt, a "New Jersey thing." There are many sub shops, big and small, including large chain stores. Most convenience stores- notably the two most common in the state, Quick Check, and Wawa have deli counters that feature fresh subs  - and remarkably, despite the fact that they are convenience stores, actually put together a really good Jersey style sub. One of the more recent additions to their menu is the turkey gobbler hoagie...

It's a simple concept, that we've all made some variation of a day or two after thanksgiving, but, despite none of the ingredients being anything more than mundane convenience store fare, when it comes together, it's greater than the sum of it's parts. Start with a good New Jersey sub roll, pile on some stuffing, cranberry sauce, sliced turkey, and some turkey gravy, then wrap it tightly in a paper wrapper. By the time you get it home, the roll will probably be a little soggy from soaking up the gravy, and the sandwich will probably be somewhat ugly looking- but the while idea of wrapping your sub and carrying it around for a while is the secret ingredient. It allows all the flavors to meld together and get to know each other. Ugly? maybe, Good, yes!

The cranberry is key, the tart/acid cuts through all the heavy meat, gravy, and extra carbs from the stuffing, bringing the whole thing into balance. That said- this is far from a healthy sandwich- but if you like the thanksgiving leftover thing, you'll enjoy tucking into this one- it's thanksgiving in sub form.

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