Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shogun 22 - Why do they call it Hibachi when it's really Teppanyaki?

We took our kids out to Shogun 22 in Green Brook, New Jersey for a meal and a little entertainment. The odd thing is that they call themselves a "Hibachi" restaurant! As you can see in the video of the ever popular onion volcano, the cooking is done on a flat top grill- known in Japan as a "Teppan". If you look at the actual definition of  "Hibachi" you'll find that it is an open grill (like that on an american barbecue), and the cooking is done over an open charcoal or gas flame.

So why are places such as this frequently called "Hibachi" restaurants America- even by themselves? The proper term is "Teppanyaki" (cooking done on a flat iron grill), and a reasonable alternate is "Japanese Steakhouse". The answer? I really don't know. Maybe "Hibachi" is less of a mouthful for native English speakers? Either way, Teppanyaki is as much about the entertainment value as it is about the food. The food at Shogun 22 is good, and served in massive portions, but it's the entertainment that keeps the kids happy!

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