Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia's foodie paradise

Any self-proclaimed "foodie" worth their salt should feel compelled to visit the Reading Terminal Market if they are in Philadelphia. It is a place out of an earlier time, when refrigeration was rare, and produce had to be sold as close to the transportation bringing it into a young and rapidly expanding city center. This market occupies an entire city block underneath the Reading rail terminal (now the Market East rail station). It's location in the heart of a hungry city, and arms length from the trains that brought in supplies and produce made it a natural place for a market to develop and thrive. Now that food can easily be stored and preserved anywhere, such a market is no longer a necessity, but Philadelphia's has been preserved out of tradition, and is now part marketplace, and part food court- a center of activity, and a place to go for high-quality food and produce still made with artisan-level care and skill. Below you will find a series of photos I snapped, along with the meal I enjoyed there.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Truffled Cheese Steak Empanadas and Chicken Chili- Return to the Good Dog Bar and Restaurant, Philadelphia PA

The Good Dog Bar is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places to visit in Philadelphia. When you pair great food with the comfortable atmosphere of a pub that features an excellent selection of beers, you have a vibe that is hard to beat. While the menu is not particularly large, it represents enough variety that you could return time and time again and never be bored with it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dinner and Tournament, Medieval Times, Lyndhurst NJ

Medieval Times is one of the most well known "Dinner Theater" type places. The main event is the show- a campy version of a knight's tournament and show of animal handling skills. The diners are herded into sections corresponding to each Knight's colors, and are encourage to cheer on their knight (and his allies) and jeer at the knights represented on the opposite side of the arena. It is presented in a family friendly way, although the bar, and the freely flowing alcoholic beverages seem at odds with that. If you can look past the ever present gift shops and attempts to get you to buy photos with various cast members, it actually is a fun experience when you embrace it for what it is. The food, while mass produced, actually has quite a few redeeming qualities, with some parts of the meal standing up to, or surpassing anything found in a more conventional family restaurant.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The "Best Sandwich In America" - Roast Pork with Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Provolone - DiNic's, Philadelphia, PA

I finally had the pleasure of transferring one of these to my stomach. This sandwich just works- thin sliced, juicy slow cooked pork, the slight bitterness of the sauteed broccoli rabe, and the sharp bite of the high-quality provolone all meld together. I tucked into this one on a particularly stressful day, and it washed all of my worries away. The next time you are in Philadelphia- you should run, not walk, over to Reading Terminal market and grab one of these. The cheesesteak doesn't even compare. Dinic's is it- even the Travel Channel's Adam Richman agrees- he recently declared this sandwich the winner of his "best sandwich in America" series. Check out Adam's thoughts about Dinic's sandwich after the jump...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nice Bacon Jerky

The title on the package says it all. This is one of those time where the photo says it all. "Nice!" is apparently the store brand name at a nearby drug store chain. It's a very appropriate word to put in front of "Bacon." I'm also a fan of the tag-line "ache'n for some bacon."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chile Relleno with Pork Carnitas from Spicy Cantina, Seaside Heights, NJ

The Boardwalk at Seaside Heights has a reputation as a place for party animals, guidos, steroid freaks, and young ladies with loose morals and a low tolerance for alcohol. So, naturally, you'd go there and climb the stairs from the first floor beach bar and quick pick-up grill to find yourself in....