Friday, July 13, 2012

When in Philadelphia...

When in Philadelphia, grabbing a quick cheese steak is practically a requirement. The last time I was there, and had to find a quick lunch, I ended up stopping at a nondescript food truck sitting at the corner of North Broad and Callowhill, next to the Philadelphia Inquirer building. This is the classic Philadelphia street food- a piece of comfort food that is to Philadelphia what the dirty-water hot dog is to New York. This sandwich doesn't even try to be anything other than a good, hearty, utilitarian lunch. It is not high-end, just good solid street food, just like it should be. It did not come from a kitchen as well known as the highly publicized Genos or Pat's King of Steaks. This Cheesesteak came from a more humble origin- and is possibly more authentic in it's own unassuming way. It comes from Gus' Lunch Truck - apparently a local neighborhood fixture that's been in place for 21 years. Gus' future is uncertain- Gus plans to retire and may sell the truck if there is no longer enough business to keep them going. I didn't know any of this when I enjoyed my cheesesteak, but now I appreciate having the chance to have had a part of this little piece of the city's history.

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