Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marge Simpson, Food Blogger!

Food is a common topic for The Simpsons- with Homer's known addiction to donuts, and the old favorite "Chili Cook-Off" episode, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see food lampooned on the show. This time around, it's Marge and the kids getting involved in food culture- but it's less about the food than it is about poking fun at this whole sub-culture and cult of personality we've built around food-oriented television, and the celebrity chefs featured in them.

I'll let the preview clips from the episode "The Food Wife" - which will be airing on 11/13/2011 speak for themselves (below the jump). It's all in good fun- I'm sure you'll find them as entertaining as I do.

Marge the Food Blogger?

A Jose Andres look-alike makes pine needle sorbet

The Simpsons meet Tony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Gordon Ramsey. Watch for the shot of Guy Fieri riding on Paul Prudhomme...

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  1. Cool. I don't have an opportunity to watch the show anymore. But at this rate, I suspect that our kids will be watching during their junior year in college too.